The Flip Side Of Beauty


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How to become a makeup artist, the realistic journey of celebrity makeup artist Ashley De La Mode shared with you in this personal revelation of her book. This book provides positive inspirational stories to help you create yourself as the makeup artist that you want to become.

About the Author

Ashley De La Mode is a celebrity makeup artist who has now turned into a talk show host. Her expertise within the makeup industry is catering makeup needs for people with illnesses. Ashley has worked amongst many celebrities from within the entertainment industry and has built a reputation of excellence and reliability. Ashley provides her charity work to various cities around the world.Ashley believes that the empowerment of one another is highly important to our personal growth. She believes that everyone has the right to succeed. Ashley understands that as humans we are able to attract things that we want into existence."Let's not define our journey through the eyes of others but rather through the understanding that our journey is individually different and cannot be compared to anyone else's journey. There is only one you and only one life given to you with God all is possible" Ashley De La Mode.