The best kept secret video of the week

Every week I will be sharing an interesting factor of my business journey. This week I am sharing my surprise appearance on MTV TRL. 

This section is called The Best Kept Secret, because I will be revealing some of my behind the scenes work that I never shared before. To make it interesting and to get to know me more, they will be shared in video format.

The Day After Feeling So Weak

Yesterday I was home alone and ended up being so ill. I couldn't move, couldn't do anything. Today I thankfully woke up better. I went to the hospital and got treated. Sharing my day and my joy for life with you today. 

A day in my life,living with kidney failure

Sharing with you a full day in me regular life. From waking up to going to University and off course my regular hospital visit. Showing you that nothing defines you but your mind and will to live. We can do anything we put our mind to no matter the situation. We can do it. 

Surprising My Daughter In Paris!

I landed back on Wednesday from New York and spontaneously decided to go and surprise my daughter in Paris on friday! It was a long drive! 5 hrs with barely no sleep it wasn't the best. But the energy and drive to see my Sweetface was enough to get me through.  I do the drive to Paris regularly. Enjoy following the journey between London to Paris. 

Kelliyah was so shocked she said "Grandma tell me it's not true!" She thought she was going to the movies with my friend. 

Paris, Makeup and fun. meeting with Black|up paris

Check out my video journey of my meeting with makeup brand " Black|Up paris" 

Sponsored by Black|Up.

Ashley De La Mode Attends Fashion Show with Madison Jaye.

Fashion week in NYC is sadly just about over. I was privileged to be invited to a few fashion shows by media personality Madison Jaye. Unfortunately I missed a few shows, however I was so delighted to have been able to attend The London School Of Trends Vibrant India Fashion Show. 

What a great colorful show this was! We were seated front row which made the experience even better. Took me back to the last time I went fashion week and sat front row alongside June Ambrose. Lovely experience.