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The Makeup Artist

I have decided to start taking booking back as a makeup artist. As you know by now I am involved in so many different ventures but makeup has always been my original passion. 

I got caught up with all that journalistic work but I am BACK! 

I love making people up! Not only that I love what it represents. And being the person that I am, what a better way to express myself in various communities. 

I am back and so are my tutorials. I can't wait to share all with you all. 

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Over Ten Years Experience

Nowadays everyone is a makeup artist! And I give it to them! The makeup world is one of the fastest growing industries there are. 

The beauty about being a makeup artists is that as much as you can use the same colors, you will

never achieve the same result. 

Everyone is different and that is the beauty of being an artist.

I love having the privilege to be close to someone where I can show them their beauty enhancement.

my expertise is working with ill patients around the world. And high profile editorial jobs. I do weddings and other occasions too. However given the nature of my busy schedule I am often booked on editorial or international community projects .

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